Hope of Guinea provides scholarships to children who would be unable to attend school due to financial barriers their families face, which limits their ability to afford tuition, school supplies, textbooks and uniforms. Parents in such situations are forced to choose between feeding their family or educating their children. This can result in many children, particularly girls, spending their childhood and adolescence doing household chores or income generating work instead of attending school.

We currently have 15 scholarship recipients – 10 girls and 5 boys – who have their tuition and related expenses covered from primary school until they graduate high school. Our scholarships provide our students access to high quality private school education, personalized tutoring, mentoring, school supplies, uniforms and other necessities such as hygienic supplies.

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We held our first summer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) Camp in July 2016. It was a joint partnership with Returned Peace Corps Volunteers from Guinea and MindLeaps. With the lack of critical thinking and interactive activities incorporated into Guinean Curricula, the camp gave 50 kids of junior high age the opportunity to apply what they learn in school and give them the cognitive, non cognitive and educational tools to realize their own potential. For 3 weeks, the kids participated in engaging field trips, developed techniques in traditional and non traditional dance forms and took part in experimental activities which included chicken dissection, microscope skill lessons and a bridge building competition. The camp is based on a successful project designed and implemented by Peace Corps Volunteers in the summer of 2014.

Additionally, we trained 5 Guinean teachers to run similar camps in their own schools. They participated in our camp and took with them a written guide and materials that they would not have been able to procure otherwise, like microscopes, calculators and test tubes. We encouraged the teachers to organize their own camps and create after school science clubs.

The objective of the camp is to provide resources and ways of learning to kids in Guinea whether they’re in school or on the street. We hope that the kids who participate in our STEAM Camp will go home with confidence and a new found curiosity in exploring STEAM subjects.

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Libraries & Books

We noticed during visits to Guinea, that access to books, which is indispensable to addressing the literacy issue in the country is limited, with few schools with libraries.

Hope of Guinea opened the first free public library in Conakry, Guinea in July 2014 at the Josip Bros Tito Primary School. The library is available to all school aged youth in the capital. We also launched a mobile library to service those in communities that do not have access to a library. The mobile library visits schools across the capital, giving students access to much needed books.

This project was realized in partnership with: the County of Dixxin, who provided the space to house the library, a computer lab and land to build a basketball and volleyball court; Books for Africa, who provided over 30,000 French books of various subjects and topics; DataWind, who donated 20 educational tablets; and the generous donations of our supporters.

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Books for Peace

In 2015, Hope of Guinea partnered with the Peace Corps in Guinea and Books for Africa, to distribute over 20,000 books to 36 communities and villages where Peace Corps Volunteers teach in Guinea. This project allowed Hope of Guinea and our partners to positively impact regions outside of the capital, Conakry, where Hope of Guinea had been unable to reach before.

Books for Ebola Affected Regions

In 2016, Hope of Guinea, in partnership with Books for Africa and the Gimbel Foundation, distributed 22,000 books to schools in the Guinean regions affected by the ebola virus. The ebola outbreak and subsequent school closures had a profound impact on the education system in Guinea. In a country that already has some of the lowest education indicators, students were deprived of months of schooling. Our aim with this project was to do our part to get students back on track with their studies.

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Basketball/Volleyball Court

We constructed a basketball and volleyball court at Jozip Bros Tito Primary School to keep students active and provide them with extra curricular activities that keep them out of the streets and reduce juvenile delinquency. Sports activity has been evidenced to help improve academic achievement. It can affect cognitive skills, attitudes and academic behavior, including enhanced concentration, attention and improved classroom behavior. Sports can also positively affect social and personal development among young people, this can include self-esteem, goal setting and leadership (GAO, 2012).

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On the occasion of the International Month of the Child, Hope of Guinea distributed more than 500 toys, clothing and educational supplies to three orphanages in Conakry, Guinea: Dimakanet in Hamdallaye; Centre Source de Vie in Yataya; and Kiridiya in Matoto.

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